Sweet Sweet Love | Shayna and Andy’s Ridiculously Awesome Wedding

Two of my new best buddies. We’ve grown to adore Shayna and Andy over the last year or so. From the first meeting at a funky little cafe, I knew we were going to get along. You see when you’re in their presence you can’t help but feel happy, I mean giddy happy. They both have this incredible positive outlook on life and it’s contagious. The other thing that’s contagious, is their adoring love. They make such a great team!

Shayna and Andy, on the very last day of your honeymoon – here are your wonderful wedding memories.
I’m so glad we’re now forever friends. xox



Shayna and Andy made all of their reception decorations themselves!! Vintage plates and cutlery, home made jams and conserves in “Charlie” (their Thermomix) and babys breath and paper flowers everywhere!


Brisbane Wedding Photographer | Peter & Jody’s Brisbane City Love

A few weeks back, Peter and Jody flew all the way from Perth to meet up with little old me for an afternoon of gorgeous photos in the heart of Brisbane.

Peter is an inspiring wedding photographer from Perth who I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the last few years via telephone and email conversations. He’s a gem and a business genius! He has helped me with so many of those baffling dilemmas that us business owners often face and I am super grateful for all his help.

Peter and Jody have come together from Britain and Canada to find love in Australia of all places! They will be tying the knot in August, surrounded by family and friends joining us from all corners of the globe.

Peter, it’s wonderful that you have found Jody, a beautiful intelligent woman deserving of your love.
Jody, you’re a wonderful gal who’s found a real gem of a man.

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Toowoomba Engagement Photographer | Shayna + Andy = Awesome Sauce

Ok. So this totally REAL couple, contacted me ages and ages ago up in Bundaberg and we got together for a cup of hot cocoa and some cheesecake. We clicked right away. They are total cuteness and are not ashamed of PDA’s (just like me and Jonny Sqqueeeee). So needless to say I booked them on the spot.

What a match! Shayna is the most creative chic around, a high school arts teacher who’s just started teaching art classes at her local university too (WHOA). She has some next-level skill going on and I love her art. So much so that there’s now a fair bit of it hanging on my walls. Even a custom family portrait of my family as birdies. This girl gets me.

So anyway, enough about all the other stuff – here’s some lovey-dovey pics of the two from their recent drive all the way down south to see me for their engagement session. Yep, super cute.

You guys rock my socks!


Boomerang Farm Wedding Photography | Kaley and Toby’s Big Day

Kaley and Toby’s wedding day was so perfect and their family and friends came from all over Australia and the world to see it. Even Kaley’s maid of honour came all the way from Canada to share in their special day.

The weather put on a glorious display, storm clouds through the day but no rain. Then after everyone was safely inside at the reception a huge electrical storm and downpour. But not a drop fell during the day; how perfect is that!

I know that Kaley’s family have to head home to Canada tomorrow, so I have shared this special blog post today so that you can all enjoy it together before you leave. Have a safe trip back to Guelph and I hope I get to see you all again soon.


Brisbane Wedding Photographer | Michael & Erin’s Perfect Day

Michael is one of my unique darling hubby’s oldest friends. They’ve known each other since high school (and well, let’s just say that’s a fair few years ago). So when Michael and Erin asked me to capture their wedding I was thrilled – not only to be a part of such a special day to them, but because it would be the first wedding I would be capturing with my hubby present (yeah sure I snuck in a few snaps of him looking cute in the crowd).
Erin, my dear, you are so beautiful and you made my job incredibly easy. Girls with such a big beautiful heart as yours don’t come along very often and you’re gorgeous too! I can see why Michael won’t let you go.
I can’t wait to watch you both grow a beautiful family together over the coming years.



Michael’s kids just fell in LOVE with the photobooth! They stole the show. :)